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2004 - 2007

Women can do it II - Parliamentary elections 2006

Objective: Increasing women's participation in the decision-making structures on national level in the Republic of Macedonia.

Partner of SOZM in this project was the Department for promotion of gender equality at the Ministry for Labor and Social Policy. The general and specific objectives of this project have been implemented through the following activities: national conference for equal opportunities, signing an agreement for collaboration with 12 parliamentary parties, initiative for amending the legislation with the provision for positioning on the electoral lists (every third place for a member of the less represented gender), 12 seminars with the members of the political parties, presentation of the project activities in the media.

Donor: OSCE - Skopje    


Women can do it in the Media

Objective: Representation of a positive image of women in the media in anticipation of the local elections 2005.

SOZM, in the framework of the program on political strengthening of women, has realized the project activities aimed at gender awareness of the editors and the journalists in the printed and the electronic media about the representation of women with a positive image ahead of the Local elections 2005.

Donor: Norwegian People's Aid.    


Support for women's rights in Western Balkans

Objective: Evaluation of the implementation of the existing standards related to domestic violence.

Evaluation of the implementation of the existing standards of the CEDAW Convention, the Court of Europe and the European Union related to domestic violence in the participating countries (Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia) and recommendations and strategies for improvement of the level of implementation of these standards, with the purpose of more effective dealing with domestic violence.

Donor: Humanitarian Committee for Human Rights.  


Promotion of gender concept on local level

Objective: Incorporation of gender concept in the policy of municipalities.

The implementation of the project has been a continuity in the work of SOZM and the Department for promotion of gender equality, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, was initiated in 2000, when Commissions for gender equality were formed in the Councils of 10 local self-governments. In the framework of this project, the formed Commissions for gender equality have obtained resources and trainings that have enabled them to increase and strengthen their capacities for active functioning in the community.

Donor: OSCE


Documentation Center

Objective: Contribution, promotion and development of gender culture of the women's movement in Macedonia.

Activities: gathering documents and data on women's work (historically and currently), selected and classified materials according to themes for easier use and search, enrichment of the library with new literature on women's matters, feminist literature and books written by women authors, collaboration and exchange of information between domestic and international organizations and institutions, providing information services, materials and data for every interested user.

Donor: Government of the Republic of Macedonia



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