Македонски (Macedonian)




2004 - 2007

Young people and politics

Objective: Political strengthening of young people.

Activities: realization of seminars for the youth sections of the political parties, preparation of young people for the local elections.

Donor: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung - office in Skopje.


Sexual disturbance

Objective: Assessment of the opinion about sexual disturbance in Macedonia.

Activities: research about the situation and the presence of sexual disturbance in the Republic of Macedonia, analysis of the data related to this situation, publication of the research.

Donor: International Council of Women - ICW.


Center for Political Education

Objective: Political strengthening of women.

Activities: dissemination of information about the political systems, educational workshops about the inclusion in the politics, analysis of the political system in the Republic of Macedonia and the inclusion of women in it.

Donor: Olof Palme International Center. 


Education of young Roma women

Objective: Raising awareness in young women from Roma nationality on their rights in the family and the marriage at a young age.

Activities: Educational workshops on family rights, social inclusion and sexually transmitted diseases, elementary literacy of the young women.

Donor: World Bank - office in Skopje.


Women can do it II - Local elections

Objective: More women elected at the local elections.

Activities: strengthening of women from the political parties for the political system and the structure of the political party by implementing the gender concept, realization of seminars with women's sections of each political party, preparation of women for the local elections, publication of a report about the inclusion of women in the local elections 2005 and the results from the elections.

Donor: OSCE - office in Skopje. 



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