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ERASMUS+ Projects

Youth against fake web (YAFW)

Related to the pandemic and increasing time which vulnerable youth is online; Increased signals of fake news and fake profiles on the web; Huge numbers of victims of cyber threats; the objectives are professionalism in youth work for social inclusion; Supporting educators, youth workers, educational leaders and support staff.

The project goals are for the youth workers to obtain competences to train youth how to behave correctly online when met with fake profiles or fake news.

The results:

1. will be e-brochure YAFW with good practices examples and models for every-day work; trained youth workers;

2. established network against fake web on Facebook.

3. The project activities are a collection and selection of best practices; analyses of the bad practices during pandemic and before the pandemic;

4.  Training of trainers; local events for transfer of acquired competences nationally; dissemination events with involvement of end-users, stakeholders, public institutions, NGOs, SMEs, the whole community.

Partners:  North Macedonia, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Bulgaria


Duration: 18 months

Together to Road Safety (TORS)

The objectives are the youth workers of partners to obtain necessary skills and to be equipped with innovative techniques for training and awareness raising in
order the roads to become safer place; all end-users to improve their behaviors as participants in the traffic. The main aim is to develop and share different working practices and to transfer the innovative training which will provide diverse skills and more confidence in delivering work; exchange of experiences, good practices about road safety education. The subject road safety will be
addressed locally, nationally and internationally, which is an opportunity for partners’ staff to participate in the high-quality learning activities with professionals.

Main goals:

-          Exchange of Good Practices

-          Supporting educators, youth workers, educational leaders and support staff

-          Promoting engaging, connecting and empowering young people

-          Promoting quality, innovation and recognition of youth work

Partners: North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ireland

Coordinated by: Champions Factory – Ireland

Duration: 18 months


New technologies threats for elderly (NTTE)

Description: New technologies threats for elderly (NTTE) ​is 24-months Strategic
Partnership in the field of adult education with the aim to enrich competences,
support professional reliability of adult trainers and enhance the opportunity to
support seniors in their digital progress. The adult trainers will acquire
competences, skills and knowledge how to support older people in their safe
communication using new technologies in order to build correct habits and
facilitate them in social integration.

Main objective: Innovation

Partners: North Macedonia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Spain

Coordinated by: Champions Factory – UK

Duration: 24 months

FLY-IN: Addressing Financial Literacy needs of Young NEET women towards their
financial Inclusion

Main Objective: Innovation

Description: FLY-IN project will be an effort to develop an educational program to train-the-youth workers coming from financial institutions, youth centers and educational
organizations involved with youth, NEETs, migrants, and women empowerment to train young women with a double-disadvantage (NEET with a migrant background) to become
financially literate.

- To develop an innovative training program for youth workers, to give them the tools, guidance, and proper support to train young NEET women with a migrant background in Financial
- To directly train youth workers in Financial Literacy who in turn, will train young NEET women with a migrant background, in order to enhance and further the future effect of those

Partners: Sweden, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom

Coordinated by: Internationella Kvinnoföreningen – Sweden

Duration: 24 months

Design online Educative Products and ART (DEPART)

Main Objective: Exchange of Good Practices

Field: Adult Education

DEPART is exchanging, learning by doing and finding out how to optimize the internet and its possibilities. Throughout the two years of DEPART, project partners will learn and facilitate the
exchange of artistic and cultural work. In this rich learning environment, we will use educative performing arts (theatre) for the use of social improvement and well-being. We will have a
close look at how audiences experience and learn from the educational theatre, in order to design and develop a digital approach of courses and training. The participants of DEPART,
educators and artists, have the goal to inspire each other in designing astonishing educative material.

Partners: North Macedonia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Croatia

Coordinated by: Theater van A tot Z – Antwerp, Belgium

Duration: 24 months



Educational theatre as the place of raising inclusion and employability of people with

disability – Expander (E+EXPANDER)

Main Objective: Exchange of Good Practices

E+EX brings together new organizations that use educational theatre (ET) practices in working with/for people with disability (PWD). This time we expand to organizations that work with women or immigrants, teach them to use ET, and learn from them as the “control group” (for measuring the success of our practices). Thus, the “Educathe movement” develops its network and database of good practices, and increases the popularity of ET in non-formal education and disability social work.

In E+EX, partners come together to share and document their existing ET practices and develop new ones; enhance visibility of PWD and their skills in the society and in the labor market; empower, and develop Key competences of all those involved (PWD, assistants, theatre educators). We will reach those objectives through Drama-Action Model (DAM), the basic methodological framework developed by sociologist dr.sc. Hromatko and used in all “Educathe movement” activities.

Partners: North Macedonia, Croatia, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland

Coordinated by: Centar za kulturu Tresnjevka (CeKaTe) - Zagreb, Croatia

Duration: 20 months



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