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Project "In Europe, with us or without us - the fate of the excluded and foreign"

The project "In Europe, with us or without us - the fate of the excluded and foreign" takes action on behalf of various disadvantaged groups, including seniors, women in difficult situation, victims of all kinds of violence, people with educational disabilities, migrants (with particular emphasis on the fate of women), opposing their discrimination.

Five partner meetings took place, including two of 5 training days, during which attendees – educators from partner countries of this project – gained knowledge about three specific methods (biographical narrative interview, biographical conversation, drama).

These new skills will be used to diagnose problems and attempt to resolve them, and the first step in this direction will be developing profiles of adults of various ages (25+/60+) with the disadvantaged environments. In each country, several interviews and biographical interviews with representatives of our target groups were conducted, and their fate was visualized using drama techniques.

The project was aimed at education staff and instructors of the European institutions participating in the project, a group of learners associated with these organizations and to the people from the groups vulnerable to marginalization.

Project activities covered around 1000 people, including listeners and viewers. The overriding objective of our project was to improve the quality of education and long-life learning.

However, an equally important goal was to encourage the public to reflect on such notions as hatred, respect, mercy, and love, and build a dialogue between people, so that they talk to each other, and are curious about each other.

The project facilitated an understanding of current events, mechanisms and social problems, faced to varying degrees by all European countries, among others, one of the most dramatic and complex phenomenon of modern times, namely the migration crisis.

The project IN EUROPE has been funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Programme.

The Brochure for the project can be found here.



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