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Networking for success

Union – National Council for Gender Equality and NGO “Open Door” from Kosovo begin with the implementation of the Cross-Border Cooperation project “Networking for success”. The project will be implemented 20 months, starting from January 2018.

Objectives of the project:

Fostering gender balance and youth society level by encouraging the involvement of women and youth in the introduction of the cultural, traditional and national values of Kosovo and Macedonia.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Facilitation of trade cooperation through promotion of traditional, cultural and national handicrafts.
  2. Generating self-employment opportunities through preservation and promotion of traditional handicrafts.

Through the implementation of activities that will promote gender equality, the cultural and natural heritage will be promoted simultaneously through the commercialization of traditional handicraft (embroidery, weaving), crafts, rural tourism and traditional culinary.

The activities of the project will be implemented in two municipalities: Kumanovo and Gnjilane.



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