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Peace Forum

On 21.06.2016, Peace Forum took place, organized by National Council for Gender Equality and HWPL/IWPG.

The Forum was an occasion for promotion of the Declaration for Peace and Cessation of Wars, discussion on the need for mobilization of the citizens in the advocacy activities for peace and cessation of wars, the possibilities of achieving peace and cessation of wars and the activities that need to be overtaken globally, as well as on the situation in the Republic of Macedonia regarding this issue.

Speakers at the Forum were: Ms Milka Ristova, former judge in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms Slagjana Taseva, President of Transparency International Macedonia, Ms Irina Pockova, President of GIZ Sveti Nikole and memeber of Regional Women's Lobby, Ms Savka Todorovska, President of National Council for Gender Equality and Ms Maja Staleska, President of Youth Center for Equal Opportunities.

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